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what it’s all about really

Sunday, July 31st, 2011


IOS Lion

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Installed with very little difficulty. Though all my PowerPC apps lile Photoshop are now redundant .

Just as well I kept the small 12″ laptop :D)

Final Phase of RYA Level 1&2 Sailing at 09.30hrs tomorrow morning: that means an unexpected hurricane will appear over the Flash ….

Am beginning to find my way around wordPress and love its clean appearnce and the xcope it offers…

One tangled cat to deliver to the vets for “sedated grooming” …

from the old blog

Friday, July 15th, 2011

mmmm so where have u been ?
ORIGNAL POST TO EASY JOURNALPosted on 19.2.2006 at 5:38 PM ..
[ here to give rationale for this blog
and new readers of fuse …. if there are any lol]
music : Das Klangwerk : Kiss my Ass : Techno

… yes indeed where have I been? … ok >

I worked from August 2005 until Xmas Eve De 2005 without a break and then discovered I am victim of mortgage endowment policy scam .. ~ and was in danger of losing my house and everything ***

right now all bankers , estate agents , lawyers and insurance twats .. ..with their, ” give us the money and we’ll make it pay for you”, are ripe for being sent ot Iraq with placards saying something rude about Islam” in my book.

bunch of shifty crminals all of them, …


my dedication to academic work .. had essentially pushed me into total ill-health and the eventual need to be paramedic’ed to Fazackelry hospital with the “Mother of all Nose bleeds”

oh yes …. I watched my 4 star unleaded fuel “pouring” into a cardboard sick bowl for 2 days.. before they finally operated and “cliped the vessel” and staunched the flow…

that , after they had stuffed both nostrils with various packings of gause and lint in depaerate attempts to stop the bleeding…. and removed them, and then stuffed them again… however >

The NHS were superb. I had nothing but top class attention and a lot of very good support specially in the darkest hours of the night when It looked like nothing was ever going to stop the bleeding …

Post-op, they observed I looked like a vampire with malnutrition and put 2 units of the red stuff back…. and gradually, together with a diet of iron tablets plus learning to “Wok-cook” and micro-wave a decent diet, I have begun to grow “PINK ” again lol

~ with mascara eye liner I could have been quite Gothic for a week 🙂
{ mmmmm bout 40 years too late for fun and games though lol}

NOW some 3 weeks post-op am well on the road to recovery and yes I mean some sort of “fitness” though I have lost some weight, am within the range appropriate to height ratio and the haemoglobin (sic?) is beginning to establish a precenence….

It has become clear that some of my recent afflictions are also related to this condition and “spunky” is very pleased to say that things in his department are well back to normal .. already 🙂

So now I have to concentrate on looking after me… with proper food, proper sleep and attendent recreation. thus WITHOUT guilt, I watched Liverpool and Newcastle claim their progress in the Cup yesterday .. believe me I have NEVER wacthed 2 games of football in one day* ~ well not unless you include the days of running a school football XI when I was a slave to the english education system in school as a teacher..

*Now cricket…well that’s a different story …

**** ok I sorted the money , rescued the house and the new black 1.4 Megan sport with sunroof and fat tyres from the grips of the capitalist swindling thugs… and live to fight another day …

Megan is poorly at the moment and need of re-body.. my recent trip to Norfolk resulted in an RTA at Brampton interchange where a guy contrived to ram the near front side of the vehicle. Insurance are dealing with that, so no sweat there… though I do wonder if they have heard of lighting in that neck of the woods .. 2-lane A roads pretending to be Motorways… but then I am spoilt living in the neon glow of the urban steppes that span Liverpool to Manchester and the NW…

Soon to be in Barcelona for a few days and revisit the scene of my former triumphs ..

meanwhile check this out

:: Dressed to Undress ~ Mothership ~ :D)

you can download the mp3 … its good 🙂

fuse xxxxx

LLSC Regatta 2011 click the hyperlink for image slide show at LLSC site

Friday, July 15th, 2011 

‪digital_deviance at YouTube

Friday, July 15th, 2011

‪fuse2uk’s Channel‬‏ – YouTube. | Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club, Green Lane off Sandy Lane, Lowton, Greater Manchester, WA3 1BQ

Friday, July 15th, 2011 | Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club, Green Lane off Sandy Lane, Lowton, Greater Manchester, WA3 1BQ.

posted by Press This : L&LSC is where I send most weekends

............ on the water :D)

update 150711

Friday, July 15th, 2011

working at 6am to get to grips with WordPress ; it’s the only time of the day Twitter is silent :D)


Pebbles NIce Fr.

first draft : Perfidious Persecution

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Perfidious persecution padding the pained patronage, love.

The persistence of piercing parted your perfect peace

making the same mistakes again to mutilate your mind

living in the belief that belied memories you will never find.

Lost to the lasting lunges of an un-restraining impulse.

Nearly took all, but left empty-handed

relinquished in that one instant and subsumed,

into the rolling breaker that milled to a silt.

A rejected soul slipping to faceless oblivion.

Blasted shards, chiseled facets,

scarred,broken, fragmented and splintered,

scattered in a desolate deepening darkness.

You could not find the axis to hold totality

but were so much broken glass containing the light

cast down, discarded in distressed destitution,

a dislocated destruction and fractured.

Changed from what you were.

Mutilated to what you have become.

Not to seem the same ever

love has become the never

that will be the severing of yourself.

Once so inviolate; now scattered to a nothing.

Once so soaring; now clipped in the wing.

Once so tall; now so low.

A seeping, liquidity of nihilism,

a shadow-winding shroud that seducts

the strum strung tension: from your skin

the blueness: from your eye

the life: from your smile

the pulse: from your veins

the breath: from your lips

the energy: from your spirit

and the spirit from your soul

for that tiny, tiny voice

which is you, which was you

we are changed by what we were;

we are changed by what we are;

we are changed by what we will be;

we are changed by change

distilled, synthesised, clarified, essenssed and refined

beyond our perception

our small story rises as a saga of unimaginable beauty, unheard, untold

yet pulsing through the ether of time ….

but it hurts

hey tiger…. how are you?

better than i was……i guess

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