Remember 20011 :final edit

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I am the man in the window, the man who wrote the words referencing the Remebrance Day ceremony that I watched when recovering from a serious illness in November 2007.

These words follow the definition of the jewish tradition of “placing a stone on a grave” from Wikipedia.

The flickering screen of Twitter records the frantic messages of the worst days of miltary reaction to street protest in the Arab Spring of 2011.

The typewriter is the faceless bureaucrat who timetabled the trains to the camps …. the flares of camp searchlights brush the words …. the backdrop is the civil unrest in the UK recently … the sound track is the last section of Samuel Barber’s “Symphony in One Movement”*** in the form of “passcagalia”* ie. a set of variations on a ground or, repeating bass line which build to a tremendous climax not so much of triumph but almost frustrated anger ….

* Italian, from Spanish pasacalle, from pasar ‘to pass’ + calle ‘street’ (because originally it was a dance often played in the streets). Ironically the film events** are from the streets of London in and around the site of the Cenotaph.

This is a remake of a film I made in 2007 after I was very ill. It has been digitally edited with added footage. What I see is a dysfunctional and troubled society where the individual is of no consequence.

There is a period of silence at the end for private reflection, remembrance for all occasions that deserve this respect.

**I am indebted to the Guardian for their coverage of Protests in Summer 2011.
***The UGM Sound content means this movie is blocked in Germany.

The Guardian Content Type: Visual content

UMG Content Type: Sound Recording


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