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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Scenes from Manchester 2011 … showing police chasing and beating inner city residents. A reaction to the rioting and looting in protest at the financial cuts crisis.

Significantly the police have always been quasi military arm of the UK government*. More significantly people are protesting world wide at the greed and corruption of Governments and Financial institutions.

This is an ongoing story … so more anon….

*1 Home Secretary Churchill ordered the army with the police into Liverpool in 1911 resulting in shootings and deaths of innocent by-standers, though with all his words he did not have the convenience of the spinner’s tag “collateral damage” … rather, he hushed up courts martial of a soldier who refused to shoot on the public thereby heading off a military execution for dessertion and burying the news under on the grounds of national security.

2 Thatcher engineered the Miners’ strike in the 80’s and confronted them with mounted police violence and at the poll tax riots later towards the end of her period of office.

3 The 2011 coalition government imported thousands of police into London in the face of protests at the financial cuts arising out of the scandalous gambling that banks and financial institutions wrought with nation’s economies world wide.

… and so ……

For my video work on these and other matter take this link :



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