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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Quite a lot is happening .. in the wider world and here at my desk.

• First up, the latest OS upgrade for computer and phone .. took over a day before everything settled back to Mac normality. However the running seems smooth , possibly slightly faster , but with nano seconds you are never sure whether that is wishful thinking.

• I continue to use TweetDeck / Twitter to scour the ” real”world” as politicians call it, though from what I can see, it looks as though they live in the fantasy world while the rest of us are condemned to the nightmare of real cuts , real price rises and a transport system out of the dark ages.

• Throughout the world .. Europe USA and UK, people are on the rests in the OCCUPY campaign protesting against corporate and banking criminality and the casino style lottery that has become world finance.

• Politicians are inept, careless , corrupt and mired in sleaze and mal-administration – in cahoots with the police force and multi-national news organizations.

• this blog is supposed to be a serious outlet for my thoughts and comments possibly through the medium of video and writing to include a researched perspective using the new media and social interactive technology …

• There will also be my particular form of free form verse though that is reserved for more deeper, personal and introspective expression.

• It may also be the base from which I practice as a proof reader for some of my friends engaged in academic research.

•the appearance is retro Mac in respect to a full circle. It was in an interface like this that I first began my journey into the realm of new technology …and it is to its clear, minimal clarity that I return, suitably post modernised, and skilled with the means of delivery my concepts to a wider audience than can be dreamed of … though of course the depends on the number of readers…

fuse 181011. 00:53hrs UTC.


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