la_conquistatories 2

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

{try it with headhones and full screen}

The Real Legacy of Thatcher is:

the betrayal of the mining community “profit before people” :
the callous disregard for human life & suffering :
the failure to honour the ” inner city pledge” :
the militrisation of the police force :
creation of a commercial society based on greed :
the de-skilling of the working classes :
the annihilation of UK industrial infrastructure :
and a broken and divided country ….

But worst of all her, toadying up to General Pinochet

Pinochet the USA backed murderer of President Allenda and the suppression of Chille’s democracy who perfected the technique of throwing opponents out of a plane over the sea

for that alone may she never be forgiven.

Music used:

Aurore boréale : Stanciu Simion Syrinx : La flûte de pan, vol. 2 : Charme et sérénité [ 2009 ] Rym Musique

C’era una volta in America _ Deborah’s Theme _ Poverty (Once Upon a Time In America) Ennis Morricone

Henryk_Gorecki – Symphony No 3 iii Lento – Cantablile semplice [ Symphony of Sorrowful Songs ]

Alternative sound track for the “conquistatory” film about Thtatcher’s legacy,

Story includes voices of

A Yorkshire miner /
Tony Benn speaking in the House of Commons/
An observer at the riot scene/
Policeman i/c mounted police horse charge.

Tory party conference /
News footage Pinochet bombing the President of Chille (and killing him) /
Thatcher interview with David Frost about the Belgrano /
Foreign Secretary Knott storming out of BBC interview with Sir Robin Day /
Modern footage of 2011 riots in Manchester


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