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Music Composition Exercises

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

click the links to go to soundCloud and listen …. (not sure how to embed a player in WordPress)


Started out as harmony exercise in the style of JS Bach but “open a box of butterflies and they fly” (old Japanese saying) ..really a bunch of dysfunctional notes looking for a home key

Piano and Orchestra Fragment

Computer generated strings are a bit ropey 😦

Purists may detect an element of Shostakovitch here .. I can’t think of anyone better to emulate, is my riposte :D)
More to the point am getting my head round organising the notation and using the sustained string element to create a texture of sound for a closing cadence.


First of Two Small Compositions 2012 ( work in progress)

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

This soundtrack constructed in GaragBand is a fragment of a piece for piano and string orchestra.

I have been working on and developing Midi/Audio wave production of sound tracks in composition.

I am indebted to “LeadingTone” at tumblr for a source of music theory and further links to ‘scored” videos on YouTube that have enabled me to unlock the lessons I was given as a boy when I was Junior Organ Scholar at Bristol Cathedral.

I apologise for grabbing the Costa Gardia images but the fim also features the opening credit identity for 18ep Productions and includes …” the man in the window image from the Summer riots of 2011 as well as an out-take from the definitive 1922 film “The Man with a Camera”, a film that contains most of the effects and techniques that have featured in film making for nearly 100 years.

The “take a picture” image was shot in Barcelona in 2009 and was graffitti on the stair wall leading to the Westend of the Sagrada Familia.
I found it ironic that any ‘express tourists’ would take home a memory not only of an amazing edifice but the annonymous stamp of a social comment from the heart of Catalonian Spain.

I have also been working to establish the OKfuse ID in terms of intro and closing credits for my work. Clearly the two elements that are emerging from 2011 are the “man in the window” and “take a picture” images.

As all authorities and governments are finding out often to their cost and discomfort, everyone has a camera in their pocket with the facility to produce both still moving image. In some senses, it is proving to be the greatest liberating phenomena for the ‘ordinary’ persons of the world since the invention of the printing press permitted people to read and inform themselves.

Look out for more

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