Spring is the air ? … and loving the French

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Loving France is like having a boyfriend :D) : or, so I recall from when I last had one.

It’s the age old French trick … they seduce with warm sunshine, delicious food, great coffee, a sexy language, a casual disregard for authority.

I really loved the attitude that meant last year a national strike with rioting on the streets stopped altogether on the day of a national holiday then resumed the day after. Thoughts of riot police and rioters sharing a quiet Pernod in a corner cafe appealed to me. It’s a sense of perspective.

Whatever the paper work … and it is frustrating, at least there isn’t a “net curtain” gestapo monitoring your every move with the boy(s) from across town that you happened to share a PowerBook lead with at the bistro internet :D)

btw expecting delivery of a full keyboard electric piano on Monday ….. then my blog will become even less sporadic than it already is.

fuse xx


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