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Barclays plus

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

While following Diamond Geezer’s obfuscation with the parliamentary select committe I was quietly working on the fingering of Bach’s Little Fugue in G Minor BWV 587.

After 2 hours I significantly improved the performance … Mainly getting a fingering pattern that was comfortable to play and suited my cricket career battered fingers.

It is tricky because of course this fugue was written for pedal organ so it is necessary to incorporate some voices into alternate left and right hands.

To help I have used coloured highlighters to locate the notes to each hand… Sometimes as few as one or two notes.

I am pleased and happy that the sleaze and corruption of the banking scandal has actually produced something more lasting and valuable than Diamond’s £20 million bonus.



iPad in the Garden.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Singularly the greatest asset of working in interactive multimedia is that you learn to manage change.

In the arena of modern technology nothing stays the same longer than the latest upgrade.

As I predicted the smart phone would overtake the desk bound pizza box computer and so it proves to be true as I sit in the garden typing with both hands on the large touch sensitive screen of the iPad keyboard swiping my way through digital newspapers and finger gesturing the pages back and forth, linking people’s thoughts and comments across the internet via various social networking applications.

Inherently, you feel at the centre of your web like a spider where every touch on the silken thread vibrates and resonates across the world.

Only to be interrupted by a shower that means I have to rescue a whirligig of washing. [ 10.55hrs ]

@bbcpm: A million £ salary per annum and can’t read a memo properly ….. But can create massive watertight salary contract. #barclaysbank

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