Javid destroys British Steel

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Supper with the Devil Needs a Long Spoon, Mr Osborne take note!

So China just slapped a 46% anti dumping duty on the sort of hi tech steel made by TAta Steel in Newport we’re told is industry only future.

David Gauke is lying to the BBC at lunchtime, Gov knew the possibilities & walked away, payback will be when China drops the UK, and it will. Sajid Javid’s words  “we stopped the closure” condemned him out of his own mouth and knowing this he walked away to collect a lecture fee & take a holida

The Govt continues to “spin ” its sticky web of lies without end ..Watch the lies flow out of Javid’s mouth. He is the ” mealy-mouthed Mekon of mendacity.

Sajid Javid Deliberately Collapsed British Steel | Craig Murray




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