Nine days and counting … EURef

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

13406812_10153414508666377_37691423058101849_n.jpgWhat was an annoying pimple has been opened up by Cameron into a puss leaking open wound. Beware of the sub – text in the right wing press…..

My judgment is that leave or remain, the Tory geriatric dinosaur is dying on its feet and the recrimination of the Cash Redwood et al bitter back bench Tory MPs will continue to pick at their own wounds as they have done since we joined the EU. It’s a genetic defect of the party.

Sadly, Thatcher’s legacy of cannibalism of the disadvantaged, the ignorant and uninformed will continue unabated under the rabid Johnson IDS, Fox, Gove, Grayling and Patel cabal together with the Hedge Fund Manager glitterati,  Media morons and a collection of grubby landlord Tory MPs feathering their own nests.



OH and

Break down of UK spending per day per Tax payer average salary for 2015 ….. interesting reading … a Few #Brexit myths and UKIP likes dispelled here



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