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Stark Reality

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

The “getting back control mythology …
“It’s worth observing that the House of Commons gave up more power through that effectively binding referendum vote than it has ever sent to Brussels. The only thing MPs now have to do is to give effect, as best they can, to the referendum result; even if they hate Brexit and campaigned against it, they are now no more than popular delegates getting on merely with the detail of what the people demanded, albeit by a slim majority. No longer are MPs the representatives of the people on the old Edmund Burke model, voting with their brains and consciences as they fancied themselves to be. That, by the way, is a constitutional revolution as big as anything we’ve had for centuries.”
Source:  Surviving hard Brexit will require sacrifices not seen since the Second World War

May’s lies.

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Theresa May, Caught out lying again as she tries to claim that the National Minimum Wage was created by HER party, and not Labour.

Which of course is a blatant untruth…

The National Minimum Wage Act 1998 was a flagship Labour manifesto pledge in 1997 which eventually came into being in April of 1999 under Labours watch, and at the time the Tories vehemently opposed it, saying that it would cost too much to implement, and that it would be unworkable.

Of course, as it was a Labour policy it was no surprise that they would object to it, but to come along now and try to claim it as theirs, is indicative of both their underhanded gall, and their unmistakeable arrogance.

Repugnance is surely not a strong enough word these days to describe this verminous bunch of lowlifes and charlatans, but we guess it will do for now….

Vote of No Confidence in the UK Conservatives

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