:Who I am & what I am about :

I exist Gay Male – “Piscean” weaver of dreams. sequencer of symphonic sound. web spinner. mayhem master. facilitator of flash fables. monkey spanker. all-purpose-cyber-persona. good-time-boy and ageing tartlet.This is now the third and final resting place for me having migrated from fuse.easyjournal.com which seems to have vanished into the oblivion of the internet ether via digital-deviance2 which is too closely in the Google control mesh for my liking.

Hopefully here I can write and post with some freedom and within an aesthetically pleasing page and the theme is a retro look at the computer that started it all and a tribute to the man who made the modern technology and experience a beautiful thing.

This will be the repository for all the video and writing work I will undertake. As yet I have to undertake the category setting process that should order all my blogs into a searchable data bank but since such a task is reminiscent of work I am hanging back. All entries can be listed from the Uncategorized folder on the right hand side of the main page… otherwise you have to use the page back/previous post link at the bottom of the page.

some guidance:

• Not all entries are written in perfect English: some are drafting dribbles from my mind, others are textual re-workings especially of poems ..which are often presented with out capital letters with idiosyncratic punctuation mainly for effect, but also, to try to control the tempo of the reading.

• I will try to categorize all the videos first. Mostly they are linked to YouTube and you can access my page there at fuse2uk, however, you can watch them full-screen by clicking on the icon at the right hand end of the video progress bar.

• The blog has become the equivalent of my sketchbook so photo images / graphics of mine and of significant interest from the internet will also appear often without notes or comments.

• If you are interested in the appearance of this blog take this link where all is explained http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/hero/

• ….. more to come … later … here …


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