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061011 : after shock / after storm :

Friday, October 7th, 2011

there is too much to say
and so many things to ask
and apologies to make
plans to be made and lists to be checked

so many tears to share
and so many fears to allay
and truths to be told
smiles to be given and silences to be filled

so many heart beats to be felt
and so many sighs to soothed
and touches to be shared
breaths to be heard and pulses to be sensed

so many texts to be sent
and emails to be written
and calls to be made
letters to be writ and notes to be exchanged

and none possible without you



first draft : Perfidious Persecution

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Perfidious persecution padding the pained patronage, love.

The persistence of piercing parted your perfect peace

making the same mistakes again to mutilate your mind

living in the belief that belied memories you will never find.

Lost to the lasting lunges of an un-restraining impulse.

Nearly took all, but left empty-handed

relinquished in that one instant and subsumed,

into the rolling breaker that milled to a silt.

A rejected soul slipping to faceless oblivion.

Blasted shards, chiseled facets,

scarred,broken, fragmented and splintered,

scattered in a desolate deepening darkness.

You could not find the axis to hold totality

but were so much broken glass containing the light

cast down, discarded in distressed destitution,

a dislocated destruction and fractured.

Changed from what you were.

Mutilated to what you have become.

Not to seem the same ever

love has become the never

that will be the severing of yourself.

Once so inviolate; now scattered to a nothing.

Once so soaring; now clipped in the wing.

Once so tall; now so low.

A seeping, liquidity of nihilism,

a shadow-winding shroud that seducts

the strum strung tension: from your skin

the blueness: from your eye

the life: from your smile

the pulse: from your veins

the breath: from your lips

the energy: from your spirit

and the spirit from your soul

for that tiny, tiny voice

which is you, which was you

we are changed by what we were;

we are changed by what we are;

we are changed by what we will be;

we are changed by change

distilled, synthesised, clarified, essenssed and refined

beyond our perception

our small story rises as a saga of unimaginable beauty, unheard, untold

yet pulsing through the ether of time ….

but it hurts

hey tiger…. how are you?

better than i was……i guess

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