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First of Two Small Compositions 2012 ( work in progress)

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

This soundtrack constructed in GaragBand is a fragment of a piece for piano and string orchestra.

I have been working on and developing Midi/Audio wave production of sound tracks in composition.

I am indebted to “LeadingTone” at tumblr for a source of music theory and further links to ‘scored” videos on YouTube that have enabled me to unlock the lessons I was given as a boy when I was Junior Organ Scholar at Bristol Cathedral.

I apologise for grabbing the Costa Gardia images but the fim also features the opening credit identity for 18ep Productions and includes …” the man in the window image from the Summer riots of 2011 as well as an out-take from the definitive 1922 film “The Man with a Camera”, a film that contains most of the effects and techniques that have featured in film making for nearly 100 years.

The “take a picture” image was shot in Barcelona in 2009 and was graffitti on the stair wall leading to the Westend of the Sagrada Familia.
I found it ironic that any ‘express tourists’ would take home a memory not only of an amazing edifice but the annonymous stamp of a social comment from the heart of Catalonian Spain.

I have also been working to establish the OKfuse ID in terms of intro and closing credits for my work. Clearly the two elements that are emerging from 2011 are the “man in the window” and “take a picture” images.

As all authorities and governments are finding out often to their cost and discomfort, everyone has a camera in their pocket with the facility to produce both still moving image. In some senses, it is proving to be the greatest liberating phenomena for the ‘ordinary’ persons of the world since the invention of the printing press permitted people to read and inform themselves.

Look out for more


Sagrada Familia [ mea culpa ]

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

my photos images from my sketch books : mostly Barcelona and South of France : slide show not a video!

images by fuse
music Missa Brevis by Benjamin Britten

la_conquistatories 2

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

{try it with headhones and full screen}

The Real Legacy of Thatcher is:

the betrayal of the mining community “profit before people” :
the callous disregard for human life & suffering :
the failure to honour the ” inner city pledge” :
the militrisation of the police force :
creation of a commercial society based on greed :
the de-skilling of the working classes :
the annihilation of UK industrial infrastructure :
and a broken and divided country ….

But worst of all her, toadying up to General Pinochet

Pinochet the USA backed murderer of President Allenda and the suppression of Chille’s democracy who perfected the technique of throwing opponents out of a plane over the sea

for that alone may she never be forgiven.

Music used:

Aurore boréale : Stanciu Simion Syrinx : La flûte de pan, vol. 2 : Charme et sérénité [ 2009 ] Rym Musique

C’era una volta in America _ Deborah’s Theme _ Poverty (Once Upon a Time In America) Ennis Morricone

Henryk_Gorecki – Symphony No 3 iii Lento – Cantablile semplice [ Symphony of Sorrowful Songs ]

Alternative sound track for the “conquistatory” film about Thtatcher’s legacy,

Story includes voices of

A Yorkshire miner /
Tony Benn speaking in the House of Commons/
An observer at the riot scene/
Policeman i/c mounted police horse charge.

Tory party conference /
News footage Pinochet bombing the President of Chille (and killing him) /
Thatcher interview with David Frost about the Belgrano /
Foreign Secretary Knott storming out of BBC interview with Sir Robin Day /
Modern footage of 2011 riots in Manchester

…….. and so

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Scenes from Manchester 2011 … showing police chasing and beating inner city residents. A reaction to the rioting and looting in protest at the financial cuts crisis.

Significantly the police have always been quasi military arm of the UK government*. More significantly people are protesting world wide at the greed and corruption of Governments and Financial institutions.

This is an ongoing story … so more anon….

*1 Home Secretary Churchill ordered the army with the police into Liverpool in 1911 resulting in shootings and deaths of innocent by-standers, though with all his words he did not have the convenience of the spinner’s tag “collateral damage” … rather, he hushed up courts martial of a soldier who refused to shoot on the public thereby heading off a military execution for dessertion and burying the news under on the grounds of national security.

2 Thatcher engineered the Miners’ strike in the 80’s and confronted them with mounted police violence and at the poll tax riots later towards the end of her period of office.

3 The 2011 coalition government imported thousands of police into London in the face of protests at the financial cuts arising out of the scandalous gambling that banks and financial institutions wrought with nation’s economies world wide.

… and so ……

For my video work on these and other matter take this link :


Friday, October 7th, 2011

Visual essay on the financial crisis 2011: as I post this, Greek and Italian members of the EEC are embroiled in the after shock of the international scandal wrought by the greed of the bankers and speculators of the world money market casino.

People of the wold Occupy the streets in protest to be beaten into submission by the police forces of the Governments who themselves, mired in corruption, are unable to control the International Bankers and prevent them from stealing a nation’s wealth for themselves.

The Flash in Placid Mood ….

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

continuing working with iPhone4 Sony HandyCam and iMovie

hand held cams shake and this is exaggerated when you crop and zoom in the software…
the young sailor at the end helping his dad bring his boat ashore by paddling is the same sailor in the cutaway overlay riding down a fast beat to the mark ….. in a considerable breeze..
Music: Interview With An Angel : Ghostland : Karma Collection [Disc 2] : 2001
Veni Redemptor Gentium : Paul Schwartz : State of Grace : Classics WINDHAM : 2000

Remember 20011 :final edit

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I am the man in the window, the man who wrote the words referencing the Remebrance Day ceremony that I watched when recovering from a serious illness in November 2007.

These words follow the definition of the jewish tradition of “placing a stone on a grave” from Wikipedia.

The flickering screen of Twitter records the frantic messages of the worst days of miltary reaction to street protest in the Arab Spring of 2011.

The typewriter is the faceless bureaucrat who timetabled the trains to the camps …. the flares of camp searchlights brush the words …. the backdrop is the civil unrest in the UK recently … the sound track is the last section of Samuel Barber’s “Symphony in One Movement”*** in the form of “passcagalia”* ie. a set of variations on a ground or, repeating bass line which build to a tremendous climax not so much of triumph but almost frustrated anger ….

* Italian, from Spanish pasacalle, from pasar ‘to pass’ + calle ‘street’ (because originally it was a dance often played in the streets). Ironically the film events** are from the streets of London in and around the site of the Cenotaph.

This is a remake of a film I made in 2007 after I was very ill. It has been digitally edited with added footage. What I see is a dysfunctional and troubled society where the individual is of no consequence.

There is a period of silence at the end for private reflection, remembrance for all occasions that deserve this respect.

**I am indebted to the Guardian for their coverage of Protests in Summer 2011.
***The UGM Sound content means this movie is blocked in Germany.

The Guardian Content Type: Visual content

UMG Content Type: Sound Recording

L&LSC feat X-eon :179811

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The Flash

Friday, August 26th, 2011

what it’s all about really

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

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